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Natural Cherry Blossom Skincare Product Line

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Asianic Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub is blended with Japanese Cherry Blossom Flower Extract and Aloe Vera which is a good aid for removing layers of dead skin gently and effectively. The combination of Japanese Cherry Blossom Extract and Aloe Vera is also great to help smoothing and brightening the skin while leaving the skin supple and silky soft.
RM 13.90
Asianic Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand & Body Lotion is enriched with Vitamin E and AHA, an important property to keep skin moisturizes. This non greasy formula is further enhanced with Japanese Cherry Blossom Extract and Lemon Fruit Extract which help to moisturizes and
brightens skin. It will absorb quickly while leaving your skin naturally soft and healthy.
RM 12.90
Japanese Cherry Blossom is traditionally famous for its smoothening and whitening properties. With Asianic Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Cream, you can relax and take your time as you remove dirt and germs from your entire body while retaining skin moistures, leaving your skin fairer and smoother. Its mild formulation leaves skin clean, smooth, soft, bright and healthy.

RM 17.90
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