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Natural Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Product Line

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Asianic Hair conditioner is made of cocos nucifera oil and sunflower seed oil, which is known to have a lot of benefits specifically for hair by helping the restoration of natural moisture resulting in shiny hair with a clear complexion, helps reduce loss of protein, aids in regaining your hair’s natural oil and moisture, lubricating and softening the hair, resulting in giving you a soft, pliable and glossy hair.
RM 13.90
Asianic Hair Fall Control shampoo is made with a unique complex of natural extracts from fruit, green tea and sugar beet, balanced with an anti aging peptide. Asianics’s hair Fall Control shampoo targets the hair follicle to assist in restoring the health, structure and vitality of your hair to combat thinning or damage hair with rich corn, wheat and soy protien. Regular use will help to maintain, strengthen and improve the pliability of your hair.
RM 15.90
Asianic Scalp Care Shampoo is formulated with enriched amino acid blend, natural extract of fruits, green tea and sugar beet, which is good to help follicle health by improving hair anchorage to the scalp thus reducing hair loss, preventing cell buildup and providing protection for the hair and scalp from oxidative stress and UV radiation.
RM 15.90
Asianic X-Dandruff Control is formulated using mild and gentle naturally derived ingredients enriched with vitamine and clasium to help avoid aggravating itching, inflamed or scaly scalp. Asianic uses sugarcane extract, apple fruit for extract and lemon fruit extract, which are well known cleansing of the upper layer skin, help treating problems similar to dandruff, hair fall and other problems related to hair & scalp with giving an innate gleam to hair.
RM 15.90
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